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The Shetreat Decertification Community

  • Live group calls with Dr. Maya twice a month

  •   Wise Women Circle - conversations with Women Diviners.

  •   Artist in Residence Class: Monthly classes with our artist in residence

  •   Monthly Guided Decertification Curriculum

  •   Quantum Activation Ceremonies

  •   A full set of Quantum Drops delivered to your door.

  •   First access to Dr. Maya’s retreats and offerings. 

  •   PLUS unlimited access to Dr. Maya’s Library of lectures, masterclasses, ceremonies and more.  

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What People Are Saying:

If you could choose only one thing to help make your life change for the better, you could not go wrong with this being it. Dr. Maya covers a huge scope of information but presents it all in a clear and organized way that builds & makes it very user friendly. Her style too is user friendly describing complex systems and all their parts with grace and clarity. A huge amount of info and very digestible. Should be viewed by everyone!

Barbara M.

Dr. Maya helped me to feel excited and open hearted about my own participation in meeting my needs for belonging, presence, and expression. And this gave me a trust in possibilities. She makes me feel seen and inspires me to engage with my own vitality. Her impact on me has been profound. I went from seeing my place within a cycle of intergenerational traumas to experiencing myself as part of intergenerational healing, wisdom, and care.

Ruthie G.

Dr. Maya and the Decertification community anchored me through a very hard period of life. She has been a huge inspiration to me. Her wealth of knowledge, beautiful spirt and keen intuition keeps me coming back for more.

Shawn T.

I've been following your work for a few years now and am deeply grateful for all the precious gifts and wisdom you so generously share with the world. You're a true visionary and so much of what you talk about resonates with me on a deeper level, so thank you for all that you do for us.

Kelly T.

I would like to give Dr Maya and the community my warmest and sincerest gratitude. This community is uplifting and nurturing to my soul. Listening to like minded people warms and soothes the struggles of life, it provides hope and strength along the journey.

Rose P.